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Connecting Teachers from All School Forms Across Europe

How can we prepare pupils for a future when we ourselves do not yet know what it will look like? Our education system needs more dynamics to deal with the ever faster changes in learning conditions, such as digital transformation or dealing with diversity. To do this, it needs well trained teachers who embrace the idea of lifelong learning.

The department 46.3 of the Arnsberg district government focuses on the in-service training of teachers. In many offers we provide teachers with input on current topics such as education for sustainable development and digital transformation. So why in-service training at European level?

"We want people in Europe to be able to interact with each other in order to professionalize themselves and develop schools sustainably in an international context by learning from and with each other through Erasmus+ mobilities."

EFFORT-A - the KA1 Erasmus+ project of the teacher training department will offer around 450 people from the regional education landscape, namely teachers, teacher trainers, head teachers and school supervisors the opportunity for Erasmus+ mobilities in and with other European countries. The project is accredited until 2028.

The main idea of the project is to promote sustainable school development in an international context. In terms of content, all mobilities are oriented towards 6 previously agreed objectives: education for sustainable development, digital transformation, dealing with diversity, subject-specific teaching development, heterogeneity and democracy development.

All mobilities are coordinated by our department, so that the administrative workload for schools is significantly reduced. At the same time, the coordination by the district government Arnsberg enables schools to be accompanied and advised in their mobilities, so that international school development processes can emerge. The aim is not only to enforce international development within individual schools, but also to open up and develop ourselves as a service-providing authority through international exchange.


If you would like to join our project and cooperate with us or one of our project schools please contact us:


Anna Kapsalis
anna [dot] kapsalis [at] bra [dot] nrw [dot] de (anna [dot] kapsalis@bra [dot] nrw [dot] de)
(project coordinator)


Dirk Kolar
dirk [dot] kolar [at] bra [dot] nrw [dot] de (dirk [dot] kolar@bra [dot] nrw [dot] de)
(head of teacher training district government Arnsberg)