Redistribution of refugees

Once you have been assigned to a particular city or municipality in NRW, you may be able to request a change successfully under certain circumstances. This is called ‘reallocation’ and may be permitted in order to reunite spouses or families with their underage children or in cases of hardship.

In order to request reallocation within NRW you will need to file an application with the office in Arnsberg clearly explaining the reasons for your request. Please use the form of application in our download area and remember that any foreign language documents you have must also be presented in a German translation.

If you are filing an application to move to another German state, please apply directly to the office in the state in which you want to live.

The administrators in Arnsberg are currently receiving large numbers of applications for reallocation. These are attended to in the order in which they are received, so thank you for your understanding in case of delays.

Please do not come to make inquiries in person, as this will not expedite your case.